Masters of maple // cardboard chaos

Masters of Maple have joined forces with Ernest packaging to create the first drum kit made of corrugated paper. After creating Fender Stratocaster made of cardboard: they issued us challenge, to do the same with drums.

We know what you’re thinking, how can you make cardboard drums? Masters of Maple founder and CEO Sahir Hanif, “Well we had to think outside of the box…. See what I did there? Mike and the guys at Ernest were a dream to collaborate with. People think you just roll some wood, in this case cardboard, into a circle. However, it’s an intense process involving numbers and a little lumberjack skill. When crafting a drum shell: you need to be exact and have just enough to keep it loose, they nailed it.”

The process took over a year and involved a team of designers and engineers from both respective companies. The drums feature a unique finish preserving the flutes of the corrugated material. Every step had to be performed by hand. Building them and looking pretty is only one part of this process: A very special guest put them through the paces, and literally tried to kick through them. Tune in to see the entire process.

A very special thanks to Ernest packaging // Mark and Dave et all at signal snowboards// Zildjian// Remo // Eric Kretz// Stone Temple Pilots